Ktag 0.5 for KDE 3.x

Ktag icon Ktag is a KDE tool for easy audio tags edition of MP3, OGG and FLAC files. Ktag supports pictures embeded in ID3V2 tags and comes with a KDE service plugin which can use this picture in Konqueror file preview. The Ktag icon is the work of Marco Meijer


2004-08-25: New release (0.5)

  • moved to TagLib 1.2, so no more dependencies for id3lib and vorbisfile and now FLAC files are also suppported :)
  • add personalized commands to get play/enqueue/current in your favorite media player
  • add ability to create an index.html in the album folder using current language and encoding
  • and more in Changelog

2004-05-25: New release (0.3)

  • recent file list
  • file rename and save as with personalized naming patterns
  • Album menu with:
    • rename all opened files
    • save as all opened files
    • set current album for all files
    • set current artist for all files
    • set current genre for all files
    • set current year for all files
    • download cover and save it in the album folder
  • MusicBrainz animated button with popup menu to select the correct result or search again
  • if there's no cover in the mp3 tag, it search for cover.png,jpg,jpeg in the parent folder and display the first found
  • dutch translation

2004-04-28: New release (0.2.1)

  • Ktag use lib MusicBrainz if installated to fill the Artist/Album/Title combo and the track number.

2004-04-26: New release (0.2)

  • now you can edit several files and choose cover from your favorites web sites.


  • First public release.


Download Latest (KTag 0.5 KDE 3.x)

Ktag source packages

Ktag 0.5 tar.gz download
md5sum: 00A1820A637126C2650065E999E6D12D

Ktag RPM for Mandrake 10.0

libKtag0-0.5-1mdk.i586.rpm download
md5sum: 28427C26B89E9124B12E4B89D53317B0
libKtag0-devel-0.5-1mdk.i586.rpm download
md5sum: BAC3344CCAD5DEE7354131333C1D6878
Ktag-0.5-1mdk.i586.rpm download
md5sum: 065DDB1E9AD716373A02391970AFC67D
Ktag-0.5-1mdk.src.rpm download
md5sum: B0F8195586A8B1F3268A2C07ADA9B71D
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