Karamba Replica is a KDE program that can display a lot of various information right on your desktop.
This cool stuff is based on Hans Karlsson's Karamba http://www.efd.lth.se/~d98hk/karamba/.
There's allready a fork of Karamba named SuperKaramba, but it's based on python script usage and i'm intend to limit it to optimized QT-KDE code.
I've begun my work by adding some new capabilities to Karamba like Text scrolling, enhancing the XMMS sensor with reading ID3 and Vorbis tags, etc... And last, i deciede to make an easy to use theme creator!
So now here is my first stable release:

Latest Version (KDE 3)


2003-09-02: New release
New meter CHILD witch allow you to get child theme control by an active area. Child could be external or embended in parent.
Added FADE parameter to KARAMBA tag to fade background with a color choose in configuration dialog (you can also choose the fading level).
Great improvement in KarthemeCreator, more wysiwyg :)
And my first release of KarambaSaver witch allow you to make easely your own screensaver with using Karamba themes
More in changeLog
2003-07-23: New release
Great improvement in memory and cpu usage.
A new meter ICON with which you can easily load KDE's icons according to your current icon theme. So now, you don't have to modify all your Karamba themes when you change your KDE icon theme.
New version of KarthemeCreator also include.
2003-07-06: First public release
Now Karamba is a library, so you can easily interger Karamba in your apps.
The KarthemeCreator is fully fonctionnal.
New features like autohiding, autofocus on mouse over, less CPU usage, etc... see changeLog for details.


KDE 3.x
QT 3.x

The optional XMMS support requires:
xmms-devel(for those who use package distribution)